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At our dental clinic in Oviedo we offer a wide range of treatments to improve the dental health and aesthetics of your smile. Our aim is to offer personalised, high quality solutions to improve the dental aesthetics of our patients.

Among the procedures we carry out are smile design, dental veneers, tooth whitening, aesthetic gingival correction and reconstruction of large defects.

Smile design

In order to obtain an accurate virtual model of the patient’s mouth and create a personalised smile design, we carry out a complete photographic study and take intraoral digital impressions without using pastes. From this data, our team of professionals uses the facial references and aesthetic parameters to develop a two- and three-dimensional design of the ideal smile for each patient.

In this way, we create a visual representation of the final result of the aesthetic dental treatment that allows patients to see what their smile will look like in a precise and personalised way. In addition, we also create devices so that patients can see and try out the design in their own mouth.

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Dental veneers

At our clinic in Oviedo we also offer dental veneers treatments to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth. The treatment consists of placing thin sheets of aesthetic material bonded to the front of the teeth, thus improving their proportions, shape, texture and colour.

Our dental veneers are high quality and can be customised according to each patient’s aesthetic needs. Generally, the process of placing dental veneers is painless and can be completed in two to three visits, although in more complex cases, it may be necessary to combine dental veneer treatment with other dental procedures to achieve optimal results.

Porcelain dental veneers

Porcelain dental veneers are highly resistant and durable, so although they are more expensive, they are a good long-term investment. In addition, they offer a more natural and uniform appearance to the tooth, maintaining their brightness and colour over time.

Composite dental veneers

Composite dental veneers are a more economical option and, although they last less time than porcelain veneers, they also offer good durability and aesthetic results in cases of minor reconstructions.


At Clínica Dental Sicilia we are specialists in Dental Aesthetics in Oviedo and we offer personalised treatments for all our patients.

Tooth whitening is an aesthetic treatment focused on recovering the natural, white tone of the teeth. By applying a series of products that penetrate the tooth, we can lighten its tone quickly, effectively and without damaging the enamel.

In our clinic we perform this treatment with diode laser, achieving great results in a single session of just one hour.

Aesthetic gingival correction or gum correction

A gummy smile occurs in patients who, when smiling, show an excessive amount of gum in the upper jaw. Although it can be a natural and aesthetic feature, in other cases it can cause a visual disproportion that affects the appearance of the smile. The opposite may also be the case, where the patient has insufficient gum volume and it is necessary to restore the lost gum so as not to expose the roots of the teeth.

Gingival smile

Once a thorough study has been carried out to identify the underlying cause of the gummy smile, a personalised treatment will be planned. Depending on each case, we may use different treatments, such as bite correction, orthodontics or oral surgery to reduce the excess visible gum.

Gum recession

Deep tooth cleaning or treatment of periodontal disease may be necessary. In other cases, a gum graft is recommended to cover the exposed root and protect it from tooth sensitivity and decay.

Aesthetic dental reconstruction

When teeth are fractured or some areas are worn down, the least invasive solution that offers the best result is aesthetic reconstruction. Depending on the severity of the defect, the reconstruction treatment and material used will be different.

Slight fractures

If the fracture or wear is small, this restoration is made with composite.

Medium defects

If the problem is more noticeable, then repair with ceramic or inlays that reinforce the healthy part of the tooth is considered.

Severe defects

Reconstructive treatment with ceramic or zirconium crowns or potential replacement of the tooth with a dental implant and crown
will be chosen.

Reconstruction of large defects

As a result of long-term missing teeth, trauma, infections or other oral pathologies, major defects in tooth structure can arise. To reconstruct these deficiencies, a combination of regenerative microsurgical techniques and elaborate dental prostheses is usually required.

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