Frequently asked questions
about whitening

When are the results visible?

Thanks to tooth whitening we obtain great results in just one session. In just one hour you can lighten the colour of your teeth several shades and achieve a youthful and bright smile.

Are there side effects?

The side effects of professionally performed tooth whitening are minimal. Only in some cases you may experience tooth sensitivity, which will pass with time.

Whitening does not damage the enamel or gums if done correctly. Nor does it endanger the integrity of the teeth.

Is the treatment painful?

Dental whitening is completely painless. The treatment we carry out at our Dental Clinic in Oviedo is with diode laser, a safe, reliable and effective option to radically improve the appearance of our smile.

Does it damage the enamel?

Some patients are afraid of having teeth whitening for fear of damage to their teeth or tooth enamel. This treatment will not damage your enamel at all. A good diagnosis, followed by the protocol we carry out will avoid this circumstance.

What care should we take after whitening?

To increase the duration and effectiveness of teeth whitening it is important to follow some tips. The main thing is to maintain proper daily dental hygiene to keep our teeth free of plaque and tartar.

Certain foods and drinks such as coffee and red wine should also be avoided. We also recommend that you stop smoking.

Is it effective for everyone?

Almost anyone can have their teeth whitened with excellent results. Almost all teeth respond well, with the exception of those with stains formed by the antibiotic “tetracyclines”, which are usually brown or greyish and require other whitening techniques.

Are there any contraindications?

The condition of the patient’s teeth must be taken into account. For example, if you have caries, they will have to be cured before treatment. The same applies if you have periodontal disease.

It should also be noted that tooth whitening will have no effect on false teeth, dental crowns or caps.

Why do teeth become discoloured?

The main causes of yellowing of the teeth are certain habits, such as smoking or drinking coffee and tea. This causes external staining of the tooth.

Other stains, on the other hand, are caused inside the tooth, mainly by certain medications. Certain diseases or age also contribute to the darkening of teeth.

How long does whitening last?

The effect of tooth whitening does not last forever, usually between one and two years.

But the duration depends on many factors. People who smoke, drink a lot of coffee, tea or wine will have a shorter treatment duration.