Minimally Invasive
Surgery Station

Computer Guided Surgery

With computer-guided surgery, titanium dental implants are placed in a minimally invasive way, without incisions or sutures. From Oviedo, our Clínica Dental Sicilia is a pioneering centre in Europe in the application of these techniques.

The Minimally Invasive Surgery Station consists of two microsurgery operating theatres (health registration no. C.2.5.1/3396), an intra-surgical laboratory for the fabrication of immediate provisional prostheses thanks to the collaboration of our partner Lab 3D, a 2D and 3D radiology unit, and surgical recovery suites, equipped with individual bathrooms, for the patient to rest and recover from sedation while their provisional fixed teeth are being designed.

It allows the coordinated work of a team of periodontists, anaesthesiologists, dental assistants, microsurgery assistants and laboratory technicians belonging to the Lab 3D company, to achieve the replacement of missing teeth on the same day.

Dental implants
on the day

Technological improvements translate into advantages in dental implants. The latest developments in digital implantology make it possible for the patient to leave with the definitive prosthesis of the implants on the same day of the operation.

No pain, no bleeding

This type of new technique will allow us to reduce to a minimum the postoperative complications that we sometimes have with traditional surgery: haemorrhage, pain, inflammation, etc.

This will greatly improve the patient’s well-being after the placement of our dental implants.