Cándido Álvarez

“I have been a patient at Clínica Sicilia for many years and I am very happy and satisfied with the treatment and treatment received, both by hygienists, doctors and the rest of the staff. If I keep coming back to the clinic, it will be for a reason!”

Blanca Hernando

“High level of specialised care. The personal attention is adequate. I have been a patient of this clinic since 1997 and I continue”.

Guillermo Avanzani

“You are an example of professionalism and personalised service, with a human quality and closeness that make the difference”.

Amparo Montero

“Unbeatable attention and assured professionalism is what you get at Clínica Sicilia. Always the right recommendation and the best professional to ensure the patient’s smile and health”.

Luz Prieto

“I have been at the clinic since 2002 and I am very happy, both with the professional and human treatment. I recommend it to everyone. Going to this Clinic is the best thing I have ever done for myself in my life”.

José Ignacio Bobis

“Pleased with the treatment and result of the implants and the clinic staff”.

Federico Álvarez

“After 11 dental implants at the centre I have had a very good experience every time. Delighted with the option of sedation during the operation. Good postoperative period and great staff. Highly recommended”

José Manuel

“I am very happy to come to the clinic. They are all very professional and looked after me very well. I was delighted with the treatment I received”.

Cesar Ramón Carbajo

“Excellent team of professionals”.

Roberto González

“I have been a patient of Clínica Dental Sicilia for 6 years and I am delighted with the professionalism and treatment received. I have carried out various dental treatments with exceptional results. Great team that helps you at all times. I recently had an implant fitted with a certain complication with a totally satisfactory final result”.

Luis Miguel Hernández

 “My experience at the clinic was the implantation of seven implants. From the first day I felt very supported by a professional and human team. Since then I have not hesitated to encourage a healthy mouth, which translates into quality of life. I only regret one thing, that I did not put myself in your hands sooner. Also, for the scary ones like me, not a single pain or discomfort in the hard work they did for me. Thank you!”.

José Benjamín Gutiérrez

“A friend of mine told me about the good work done at Clínica Sicilia and to check out their website for all their services. I contacted them for a first visit and I liked their professionalism, seriousness with a perfect familiar treatment, their modern facilities, hygienically perfect and a very satisfactory work. I would recommend the clinic to all my friends without hesitation”.

Francisco Rodríguez

“The treatment received from Clínica Sicilia and all the staff was wonderful. They love their work and are true professionals”.

María Francos

“Very satisfied, no discomfort. Good attention. Painless work is recommended.”

María Jesús Vallaure

“Very satisfied with the services of Clínica Sicilia. The implants are a great success, what a pity not to have done it before! Thanks to everyone and especially to Alberto and Susana (doctor and hygienist)”.

Ana del Río

“I have trusted the professionalism of Dr. Alberto Sicilia and his team for many years. His care is very close and highly professional.”

José Vallina

“Professional treatment, good means, full satisfaction with the result”.