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Restore the light to your smile with laser teeth whitening

One of the safest, fastest, most effective and painless cosmetic dental treatments is tooth whitening using a diode laser. It brightens the patient’s smile in just one hour.

Safe and painless

Laser teeth whitening is a safe, reliable and effective option to radically improve the appearance of your smile.

Results in one session

This is one of the most innovative and least invasive treatments, using the diode laser technique, magnificent results are obtained in just one session. The whitening techniques activated by diode laser allow us, in a single session, to lighten the colour of our teeth several shades and achieve that light in the smile that gives us joviality and confidence.

Immediate effects, no side effects

The results obtained with diode laser treatment are immediate and side effects are minimal. In some cases the patient may experience a temporary sensitisation that can also be alleviated by laser. So after the treatment session the patient gets the smile they wanted, without pain or discomfort.

A smile that is both white and luminous, which makes us feel younger, and contributes to enriching the image of ourselves that we want to transmit to others.

When is tooth whitening necessary?

Laser tooth whitening protocol


Exploration and diagnosis

Colour and pre-photography


Prophylaxis to remove external staining (stains) of the tooth



Insulation to protect soft tissue (gingiva)

Application of Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel


Gel activation with Diode Laser


Gel removal


Colour shot and final photographs


Tips to keep your teeth whiter

When it comes to dental whitening, it is necessary that a professional evaluates the patient’s situation beforehand. So if you are using, for example, another dental treatment (crowns, veneers, fillings, etc.), this should be taken into account and the dentist’s advice should be followed in order to obtain optimum results.

Maintaining proper daily dental hygiene will help keep them free of plaque, tartar and other diseases.

Avoid taking the above-mentioned foods and beverages.

Smoking cessation.

Other tooth whitening treatments

Today there are different types of tooth whitening products. Some contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Others can also be used at home, but it is always up to the professional to advise whether the treatment in question is right for you. And finally, there are laser dental treatments. The latter are undoubtedly a great advance in the field of dental aesthetics.

Brighten your smile in just one hour
with our laser teeth whitening!

Looking for your best smile

The demand for tooth whitening treatments is very high nowadays. When looking for a better aesthetic smile, with a high degree of patient satisfaction, whitening treatments are the most requested. This is due to their high degree of effectiveness, safety, speed and efficiency.

If you are thinking about improving your smile and getting beautiful, whiter teeth, diode laser teeth whitening will help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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