Frequently asked questions
on hygiene

How does good oral hygiene help us?

Any advice on how to improve my oral hygiene?

What is plaque?

Bacterial plaque is a whitish film deposited on teeth and oral soft tissues, in which live bacterial colonies responsible for diseases of the teeth (caries) and gums (periodontal disease).

Bacterial plaque is easily removed with good oral hygiene technique.

What should my toothbrush look like?

How should you brush your teeth?

It is very important to follow a routine and orderly technique so that no area is left unbrushed.


Hold the toothbrush as if you were going to write with it and place the brush head along the teeth in a horizontal position, at an angle of 45° to the vertical axis of the teeth and on the gum in the area where the teeth and gums meet.


Start with the upper teeth on their inner side (palate), once the brush is in place, vibrate gently (as if your pulse were trembling) for 4-6 sec. Finish by “sweeping” the teeth gently from top to bottom.


Repeat the above operation on all teeth and surfaces (palate and labial) both upper and lower (the latter “sweeping” from bottom to top).