Dr. Pelayo Sicilia

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Dr. Pelayo Sicilia graduated in Dentistry, after which he obtained the title of Expert in Periodontics, and completed the Master’s Degree in Dental Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).

He then moved to Barcelona to specialise in Oral Surgery, where he studied for three years for a Master’s degree in Oral Surgery and Implantology at the International University of Catalonia (UIC).

At the end of his specialisation as an oral surgeon, Dr. Pelayo Sicilia obtained the European Accreditation in Implantology, “Implant-Based Therapy Certificate” from the European Association for Osseointegration, the most important international association in this field. This certification accredits its holder as an expert in basic and advanced implant treatments, and is currently only held by 38 professionals worldwide.

He then returned to Asturias to take the Master’s Degree in Periodontology at the University of Oviedo, also for 3 years, to complete his training under the tutelage of Dr. Alberto Sicilia.


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