Higienista Natalia Madrono

Natalia Modroño

Microsurgery Assistant

When did your vocation for the world of dentistry come about?

By chance. One day I saw an advert in the newspaper and as I really wanted to learn and train, I applied. That's how I started in this world.

What do you like most about the work you do at Clínica Sicilia?

The humane treatment and the affection with which we treat our patients.

What do you like most about the relationship with patients?

That they leave much calmer than they arrive at the consultation.

What is the most common question you are asked by patients?

Am I going to find out anything?

A series, a film, a book and a song:

TV Show: Ncis
Book: Flashdance
Film: Gone with the Wind
Song: Vivir (Marc Anthony)

What special memory do you have of your childhood?

Going to my grandfather's garden to feed the rabbits.

If you could get a special quality or ability overnight, what would it be?

Going back in time to study nursing.

What would your perfect day look like?

A sunny day at the beach with my family.

Beatles or Rolling Stones


Goya or Dalí


Winter or summer

Summer, of course.

Playing sport or watching it

Practising sport.

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