Dental implants for one or more teeth

The process consists of two phases. First, the artificial root of the implant is inserted into the bone and then, when osseointegration has developed, the prosthetic restoration is carried out. This restoration usually takes the form of a crown or a bridge over the implant or implants, depending on the condition of the adjacent teeth.

An isolated tooth can also be replaced with a removable prosthesis. This can only be done when other teeth in the mouth are to be replaced with the same removable prosthesis.

Once the implant is in place, we can see its position within the bone thanks to X-rays, observing that the root of the lost tooth has been replaced.

This process is performed under local anaesthesia on an outpatient basis. Sometimes sedation may be used for those patients who are more apprehensive about these treatments.

Both during the operation and post-operatively, the patient will feel no pain.


Complete Oral Rehabilitation

Oral Rehabilitation is the part of dentistry that deals with the restoration of teeth to restore functionality and aesthetics to the mouth.

This rehabilitation generally consists of a comprehensive treatment comprising fixed prostheses, removable prostheses, occlusion and dental implants.

At our clinic we are specialists in implants in Oviedo and we carry out the whole process based on a diagnosis in which we analyse the lesions that the patient has and the most appropriate treatment for their case.

This type of treatment is complex and requires specialised techniques. In this case, a single tooth or a set of teeth is not placed, but the aim is to rehabilitate a complete arch, either the upper (maxilla) or the lower (mandible) or both arches.

Full oral rehabilitation is developed for patients who have a very unhealthy mouth and have lost many teeth, either due to caries or periodontitis, as well as for those who are bruxers and have greatly worn down their teeth.

Dental implants are the best solution when you have lost a tooth or several teeth.

Fixed prosthesis on implants

Both for complete arches and to replace a single tooth, a fixed prosthesis is usually placed on implants, although there are other solutions. These teeth are the ones that go on top of the implants that have been previously placed. A fixed prosthesis on four or more implants is the ideal procedure to replace missing teeth.

Another option is the placement of a removable prosthesis on two or more implants.

Before the teeth are fitted, several tests should be carried out to make sure that the colour or shape, among other things, is correct.