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A dental implant will allow you to recover one or more teeth, or even your entire dentition. Thanks to this treatment you will be able to recover the aesthetics of your smile, showing off all your teeth again. You will also recover the functionality of your teeth and improve your oral health.

Implants are the best option available today for the replacement of missing teeth. Their placement requires a prior examination by the specialist and an X-ray of the whole mouth so that the implant surgeon can determine exactly which procedure is to be carried out.

At Clínica Sicilia we are at the forefront of European implantology treatments and we are experts in implant microsurgery and minimally invasive techniques. In addition, if your case is urgent, we will place an implant on the same day.

Can I have dental implants?

Although dental implants are associated with middle-aged and older people, the fact is that this procedure can be performed from the age of 18, when the maxillary and mandibular bones are fully formed. Thus, dental implants can be placed in most adults as long as they are in good general health and their gums and alveolar bone are in good condition.

Implants are contraindicated in very few cases. Our specialists will inform you if they are contraindicated. If you have little bone in any jawbone, you will first have to undergo bone regeneration to ensure osseointegration.

Advantages of dental implants

The most natural solution

Implants are very similar to real teeth and have the same elements as real teeth: root and crown. Implants look very natural both aesthetically and functionally and improve the overall health of the mouth.

Aesthetics and safety

Implants replace the missing tooth in a comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing way. Dental implants not only allow us to improve our smile, but we also recover our chewing function, thus improving our digestive function.

Improve your self-esteem

Implants improve our confidence, our ability to eat, recovering the ability to taste food and increasing our quality of life. Thanks to this treatment, our patients have a more aesthetic smile without the insecurity that can be caused by the absence of teeth.

They help preserve your natural teeth

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants avoids having to grind down your adjacent teeth for conventional fixed dentures and reduces the chewing force on your remaining teeth, which prolongs the life of your dentition.


The importance of replacing missing teeth

Now that you know the advantages of dental implants, it is important to be aware of the main problems that can occur if you do not replace your missing or decayed teeth.

At Clínica Sicilia in Oviedo we will be pleased to help you.

Tooth mobility

When a tooth is lost, nearby teeth tend to move into the gap of the missing tooth, causing major imbalances in the mouth of the affected person.

Difficulty in chewing

The loss of a tooth makes it extremely difficult to chew food, causing discomfort to the surrounding gums and teeth. Dental implants allow chewing function to be fully restored, giving the patient a sensation very similar to that of natural teeth.

Dental and periodontal diseases

The resulting dental imbalances favour the retention of food debris, increasing the likelihood of tooth decay. In addition, dental hygiene tasks become more complicated, which can lead to serious gum disease.

Bone loss

When we do not replace a lost tooth, the alveolar bone begins to deteriorate, which favours the loss of other teeth. Thanks to dental implants, the jawbone receives stimulation from chewing again, completely avoiding the previous problems.

Are you smiling with us?

At Clínica Sicilia we are experts in microsurgery and dental implants

Implant Microsurgery Specialists

In the period 2003-2005, we were committed to the implementation of the concept of computer-guided surgery, being the first centre in Spain to install three different and complementary protocols.



(Materialise, Lovaina, Bélgica)



“Teeth in an Hour”
(NobelBiocare, Gotemburgo, Suecia)



(Med-3D Implantology, Zurich, Suiza)


(Materialise, Leuven, Belgium)


“Teeth in an Hour” (NobelBiocare, Gothenburg, Sweden)


(Med-3D Implantology, Zurich, Switzerland).

Pioneers in the use of dental technology

The acquisition, in 2006, of a specific latest generation maxillary CAT scanner (i-CAT) for our centre in Oviedo, meant integrating data capture, processing and virtual diagnosis, with the most complete programmes available on the market, making it possible:

Surgical templating

Computer-guided fitting of prostheses

Performing surgery with minimally invasive, microsurgical techniques

This development was completed in 2007 with the addition of robotic surgery equipment (Robodent®).

Finally, after years of experience with the minimally invasive surgery protocols described above, we developed the concept of Computer Assisted Guided Surgery and in 2010 we designed the Minimally Invasive Surgery Station.

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